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The Bionatics Agenda

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Digital model applications at territory scale

City management

The evolution of acquisition technologies and methods have enabled cities to establish accurate 2D & 3D geographic references they now need to manage and visualize at large-scale through a complete 3D model of the city. LandSIM3D allows cities to value and manage this data by them selves at large-scale in consistent with their GIS data to ensure the sustainability of the city 3D model. LandSim3D also allows the integration of studies and projects within the 3D virtual model.
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Urban planning

The sustainable development or renovation of a neighborhood is essential to the quality of life of citizens. With LandSim3D, planners can quickly produce a 3D model of a geo-referenced district to study, in a real context, the new planning project of an area. Volumic, symbolic or realistic display, all representation modes are possible to assist urban planners from the beginning to the end of their studies. Drawings and modifications can be done within the 3D model to get fast results.
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The development of roads, highways, railways and powerlines is essential to the development of a territory. But the integration of infrastructure into the landscape is a difficult exercice with strategic challenges. LandSIM3D can integrate complex projects, as a concept, draft or a 3D CAD model, in virtual 3D territories reconstructed accurately and at very large scale. It offers a strategic decision making tool to realize the best choices in order to integrate the project into its own environment.
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New energies

The development of wind farms and solar power plants requires a prior assessment of their impact onto the landscape at large scale. LandSIM3D can simulate a detailed 3D landscape models using spatial and geo-referenced data integrating all components of a territory (terrain, vegetation, infrastructure, buildings ...). The obtained 3D model allows to visualize and assess accurately the perception of the projet at large-scale. It facilitates the explanation and justification of choices made for joining the project and ensure its success.
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Preservation of natural areas

Natural areas are subject to significant changes related to urban growth. Ecological corridors, infrastructure impact, construction and landscape impact (wind turbines, power lines), urban and suburban sprawl, abortion of old agricultural practices, are complex issues to resolve. By allowing the fine and realistic simulation of virtual clones of the real landscape, LandSIM3D offers a tool to landscape professionnals thanks to simulation to support their decision making.
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Forestry management

It is a strategic matter for a nation to implement policies to manage their forest assets in order to maintain, optimize and secure the timber resources future generations. Based on the proven scientific AMAP technology, developed by the CIRAD scientits, agronomists and experts, LandSIM3D allows to study forest behavior and planning virtually and to realistically simulate their growth in real context. It allows to perform the best choice in the selection of species to seed and see for example the impact of wood cuts on the landscape scale.
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